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BusinessOne's first branch was established at UNSW in 2012. Since then, we have grown to over 3500 members, 200 consultants per year and 4 campuses across Australia.


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Since our formation in 2018, BusinessOne University of Melbourne has operated as a student-run pro-bono consulting service. We work with startup businesses to solve their most pressing challenges, while nurturing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our aim is to close the skills and experience gap university students face when transitioning to their careers by providing our members with opportunities to move beyond the classroom and gain valuable experience solving real-world problems.


Throughout the year, we also run networking events, panel discussions and skills workshops to connect students with our corporate partners and the startup community. 

As of now, BusinessOne University of Melbourne has overseen 40+ projects, catalysing tangible impact in local Australian startups with real life business problems.


Our Purpose

BusinessOne University of Melbourne is a student-run pro-bono consulting club dedicated to inspiring all members to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit, enriching their academic curriculum through applied learning experiences with start-ups, and making a real impact by providing genuinely impactful consulting services to start-ups. Our mission is to bridge the gap between academia and real-world challenges, empowering students to use the power of business to solve social issues and drive sustainable growth in the community.


Our Values


BusinessOne is a place centred around its community, and students are connected through shared experiences and belief in making a tangible impact.


By placing collaboration at the forefront of our organisation, we can create events that explore opportunities in the consulting and startup space, create a product roadmap for a client and other activities that drive value for our stakeholders.


We are committed to continuously strive for growth, whether it be through creating new engagements or improving our processes. BusinessOne aspires to leverage fresh ideas to create a tangible impact on our clients and member base.


BusinessOne encourages our members to learn and explore diverse pathways, providing support for members to reach their goals by facilitating interview preparation sessions, sharing resources and creating opportunities to engage with our alumni.


Our focus on startups and consulting provides students opportunities to drive change in meaningful industries and develop tangible skills to bring forward into the workplace.

Our Culture

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