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You Should Quit Your Job

The Great Resignation. A mass departure of employees following career burnout brought on by extensive COVID-19 lockdowns and shifting expectations of culture in the workplace. According to NAB, over 1 in 5 Australians have changed jobs in the past year, with 1 in 4 considering doing so and planning to move to a different role in a new industry. Further, a poll conducted by ELMO Software suggests that a fifth of Australians are likely to quit their job without even having another one lined up. Evidently, priorities of employees in the Australian workforce have shifted dramatically with flexibility now a top priority for employees.

Interestingly, 30% of employees suggested that they were being pushed away from their current jobs due to a lack of personal fulfilment and 23% of employees cited work-life balance as the key driver for their desire to change career path. Indeed, in the current social climate with employees seeking greater purpose and meaning in their work, a new skill set is required to adjust to an ever-increasing digital society rife with technological advancements. An entrepreneurial landscape laden with start-up firms has become prominent in the last 5–10 years as new opportunities have presented themselves in order to meet the changing needs of individuals in a technologically facilitated world. Such is the magnitude of this shift towards start-ups coupled with employees seeking new career paths that the Australian start-up ecosystem is now one of the fastest-growing globally with a start-up rate of 5.8%, the 6th highest in the world according to Statista.

The Australian workforce has changed with such significance that entrepreneurial skills and the ability to think innovatively are becoming just as important as rational and logical thinking. As society becomes more innovative and creativity flourishes in the new millennium workforce, opportunities for start-ups in niche markets will become far more common. Indeed, who would have thought 5 years ago that you would be able to view a menu and order from your table by simply scanning a QR code? Well Mr Yum, an innovative tech start-up, has made this a reality. Every day, new opportunities for innovation present themselves and it takes a truly creative, daring, and passionate entrepreneur to take that opportunity and turn it into something tangible.

Entrepreneurship is presenting itself as the alternative for people faced with career burnout and a desire for greater meaning in their work. The culture of start-up firms has centred itself around enabling a collaborative environment that challenges assumptions and rewards diversity of opinion. A new entrepreneurial mindset that revolves around creativity and innovation is now sought after by emerging firms all across the world in an effort to create a competitive advantage in the cut-throat modernised business world.

The start-up and entrepreneurial landscape is a new and exciting opportunity for all budding entrepreneurs who are trying to break the shackles of society and reimagine the impossible. There are limitless possibilities out there for new ideas to become reality and it only takes the right environment to bring a possibility into fruition. Indeed, highly valued start-ups such as Airwallex and Culture Amp have established themselves through harnessing the innovation of their employees to create unique value in the modernised business world. In a time where employees are demanding greater flexibility and more purpose in their work, start-ups may just be the solution many are seeking. If you think you have the next big idea but don’t know where to start, join us and follow along as we take you through the journey of building a start-up: from idea to launch. Maybe your idea will be the one that changes the world!

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